We specialze in custom blended bases and Mini Masterpiece color kits
Consultations (in picking out products) are Free but a $50 charge will be added to any consultation over 30 mins.


Yael Balbachan

Yael brings her 12 years of work
as a freelance makeup artist in Argentina to The Art of Beauty.

Makeup $150 (3/4-1 hr) On Location $300
Brow Plucking & Shaping $50
False Eyelashes with Application $30
a 20% service charge will be added.

LESSONS:- (1 1/2 hours) $175

Bridal Test at The Art of Beauty (1 1/2 hours) $175
At "The Art of Beauty" by Linda Mason:
The Bride, $300 and each additional person $100
ON LOCATION 1 artist:- $750 for the Bride with an additional $150 per person
ON LOCATION 3 artists to do your entire bridal party:- $2,500 for 5 hours until after the photoshoot
RENTAL:- The Art of Beauty by Linda Mason Workshop space is available for your wedding day preparations and/or bridal shower
a 20% service charge will be added to all fees.

Professional class Prospectus and Private Party fees available inside

Any Freestyle makeup will be billed as per a photoshoot.
The prices above are for the artists trained by Linda. For Linda please request the fees. Tel 212 625 0490
28 Grand Street NY NY. 10013

Thalita McDonnell

Thalita has a sensitivity in
the way she applies make-
up to women of any age.