The most magical aspect of being a Makeup Artist is transforming people in many ways It is so much fun! So it was with this Spirit of enjoyment and versatility that I created The Mason Method kits. They allow you to transform yourself. There are many makeup looks you can do on yourself that will make you look fabulous, they are made easy by the special mix of colors and textures in each kit.

Experimenting with one of these kits such as an ASTROLOGICAL MELODY or ELEMENTS HARMONY you will learn the basics of how a professional would mix colors to create a look for a designer, or magazine, and be able to obtain either a soft fresh look or a stronger one with the same palette of colors. In essence, you will be on your way to becoming your own makeup artist.With more than one kit you will learn how to transform yourself effortlessly.

The neutral BARDOTKIT mixes well with any Melody or Harmony if you want to strenghthen them

The kits come with an Instruction Booklet but you will find many more ideas in the book "MAKEUP:The Art of Beauty".

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The lip colors in all the color pallettes, (especially the brown), are heavily pigmented and dry in texture (not drying), so that they can easily be used as just a stain or added to the gloss in the kit to give a tinted shine. In each kit there is a darker shade of lipcolor with which to line the lips and a lighter shade to add highlights.