8 LIQUID BASES :- The light-weight water based Liquid Bases are mixed and packaged by Linda Mason to lightly even out the skin tone. They are great for a fresh faced natural look and can be worn with their coordinating concealer for more coverage yet still maintain a clean youthful appearance.
8 Colors:- Water, Earth, Air, Earth 2, Fire, Earth 3, Fire 2, Deep Water .

Price: $ 59 no longer available
Size: 2 oz (We package 2oz. of Liquid Base as opposed to the market standard 1oz. size)

8 CREAM BASES :- These can be used together with the liquid bases as a concealer or alone for more coverage (still lightweight) and a more finished look. 8 colors Water, Water Almond, Water Silky Beige, Water cream, Earth, Earth Dune, Earth Honey, Fire Butter Rum, Earth Warm Sand, Earth Birch.

Price: $53
Size: 9gms

Linda Mason's Basic Color Tone Philosophy
WATER Neutral Undertones
AIR Rose Undertones
EARTH Yellow Undertones

FIRE Red Undertones

Professional All Base Creams.
8 perfect shades that create a smooth, velvety finish while at the same time providing an ideal coverage for most complexions. Blend shades together to create a natural, picture perfect effect or to gently contour or warm the face. Also great as a concealor.


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