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Linda Mason, The Art of Beauty is a fusion of Art and Makeup. Our Vision is to reconnect women with their spirit of creativity
and adventure through makeup services, timeless cosmetic products, accessories and art.
The focus is on color and the uplifting spiritual enhancement that comes with the use of cosmetics.
We are dedicated to improving how women feel about themselves and the acceptance of the beauty in every age.

Linda Mason Elements was started in 1986. The shop, The Art of Beauty by Linda Mason, existed on Grand Street in Soho NY from 1987 to 2013.
We are continuing to help all different types of women with their makeup decisions through our internet site, blog, and by appointment at our office in Soho.

Audrey Molloy's Experience with The Art of Beauty

It was a hot summer day, when I entered the “dream”, which is waiting to be shared with you.  In a studio on the corner of Grand Street in Soho, a place quieter than a library and  more exciting than the hottest night club in Manhattan; it is exploding with color, from the paintings on the wall to the blushes on the counter.  Linda Mason’s gallery and studio is where she combined her career with makeup and art.  Although it is difficult to define art, one of its many definitions is a portal of self expression.
Linda Mason  is an artist of many “shades”, as previously stated she is best known for her makeup “art”.  Through the past few decades makeup has really changed the face of the art industry.  The magic of Linda and her studio and the concept of makeup is not to cover up.  Covering up and hiding, is what we all do.  We use our concealers to hide that blemish or fine line.  This is the opposite; Linda brings out the beauty from what she sees within. Make up has been used in many cultures in different forms from the glitter on your eyes on New Years Eve to the painted faces of the American Indian at the Pow Wow, to the clown in the circus.  However, in this circus that we call life, we are all beams of light, individuals, pieces of what makes the world whole. What Linda does is brings out that inner light, with her medium, makeup.  Her use of color is magical; it is intense and delicate at the same time.  It tells the truth about what lies beneath the surface.  They say to woman of our culture, wake up in the morning put on your make up and carry forth your day, looking beautiful. The neons, fluorescents, and over all use of bright color is what really brings joy to the eye.  Linda uses the inner light of self to expression outwardly on our lips and our eyes, our cheeks.   Feel good and see the beauty within and around you. Become the project yourself with Linda in her gallery. There are makeup lessons and make up classes.  Come and enjoy an amazing experience at this spectacular gallery of color ~ this is the ART of beauty.