Makeup Classes NYC 2013

Images of classesSee what these past students say about the upcoming “Intensive” class. There are still a few slots left. Schedule here. Beginning January 27th, 2013.
“Linda’s demonstrations are thorough, the hands-on practice is invaluable, and the small class size allows for plenty of individual attention. Most makeup courses teach only ONE way of doing makeup and, as a result, stifle students’ creativity. Linda embraces the creative aspects of makeup and encourages students to find their own individual style. She is a true artist and a makeup genius!” – Jackie McKeon
“There are very few life experiences that drastically alter your life and the way you view yourself.  Your class did that for me.  Thank you for helping me to rediscover myself!” Rachael Brickman

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3 Responses to Makeup Classes NYC 2013

  1. I think makeup is a art which enhances the beauty of person. So if someone want to become a career as a beautician then they should find a a school which gives such a tips and hands on practice and I think this is one of the best class.

  2. makeup says:

    It’s great to have this kind of classes and demonstrations. Keep going.

  3. aliyana says:

    Can we try with the help of these tutorials..??

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