The joys of working as a Makeup Artist

001_MasonforblogFrom  “Makeup for Ageless Beauty” by Linda Mason
The joys of working as a makeup artist are not just about creativity. Some of the  most memorable joys are spending time  with and getting to know so many talented, warm and generous people. This was brought back to my mind with the interview with Paulina Porizkova in the Huffington Post. The first time I worked with her she was 15 yrs old, it was with the photographer Arthur Elgort in the Tuilleries of Paris. A bright and sunny day etched  in my memory as if it was yesterday. She was so (and still is) very beautiful. I used no foundation or contouring nothing to hide or correct, she was totally flawless.  All I needed to do was use color on her lids and lips (green and orange). to enhance her bright uplifting spirit. She mentioned her origins with her usual humor  so at that time  the gravity of being a refugee  didn’t sink in and it has only just done so with what is happening in the world at the moment, and her recent article, describing what her experience was as a refugee.

After coming to the US we worked together many times and I was happy to see her extremely successful career and even happier to see her happily married and a mother of 2 boys.  I have a great polaroid of her and Ric together on the beach in Miami, at the beginning of her relationship, somewhere…not quite sure where. and I loved her novel  “A Model Summer” which is still available on Amazon and I would recommend to anyone who has been or is going to be a model or for that matter anyone interested in the industry. Its a fun read.

When doing my book “Makeup For Ageless Beauty” in 2011 she didn’t hesitate to give generously of her time.


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