Cuore makeup Seminar

For a number of years now I have enjoyed doing Seminars for Cuore a Japanese Cosmetic Company. They bring their Makeup Artists on a visit  in December every year. I had not done one since I closed The Art of Beauty so the last one was Dec 2012.  A friend, Hitoshi Sagaseki offered his unique Brooklyn Space BBFL at 300 7th street in Brooklyn . I was a little wary of doing something in a new space, especialy as they had requested my Freestyle makeup work,  but it worked out so well and turned out to be a great space for small seminars (12 to 13 people)…I did start out the seminar with my projections for Spring 2016 which then turned into the above. I was lucky to be able to pry Daisy away from Siraj for a couple of hours to serve as my model and have a beautiful bustier from Jane Wilson Marquis . Jane was watching and absolutely petrified when she saw what I was doing as the bustier was beautiful shades of soft pink and gold satin and silk which were perfect for the first 2016 makeup and also worked for the transformation . If you are in Brooklyn do visit this very special space which has a coffee shop/restaurant and a shop with lots of Japanese and made in Brooklyn products and also some wonderful Japanese events .  Brooklyn Beauty/Fashion Labo


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2 Responses to Cuore makeup Seminar

  1. Vicky Durrant says:

    I really love the way that you created brush strokes with your makeup. The colors and texture are beautiful! What products did you use for this? Is it actually paint, or is it meant for skin?

    • Linda Mason says:

      Dear Vicky, thankyou for the compliment. This is mainly Kryolan aqua color and some colors are from MAC. It is body paint and I much prefer this to actual paint not just from a safety point of view but I prefer the actual effect more. It is more suited to the texture of the skin. I have a DVD you could purchase through my website or over the phone that would show you all the techniques. “Glorious Technicolor”.

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