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BrushsetProJan2016_144-1I love working with factories in the USA and getting to know my manufacturers . Not only is there the added bonus of personal contact but they can also get things together for me rapidly. My brusholders and brushes are all made in the USA and  the quality of both  first class. The quality has actualy improved since I began producing these for Japan in 2004. They are made with  the environement in mind as the holders are washable canvas and I recommend washing the brushes with soap and very hot water before dipping them in alcohol, my very primitive disinfecting method.  This set is my Professional 10 Brushset in an updated version of my original Betty Face brusholder . There are only a few sets available in the US for the moment as Japan snatches them up. To purchase one of these professional 10 Brushsets you need to Email .  The price is $222+ tax and postage. They will soon be able to be purchased on the site.

Mini Betty 7 Brushets can be purchased at  J&B Design in Brooklyn or Online from their Site


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