Our “Intensive” Makeup Artistry Course Begins on Sunday

Both Thalita and Laura are going to complete their internship with me by taking the “Intensive” along with my other students.  Thalita has been interning with me for 2 and a half years and Laura for 1 and a half years. They have made great progress. Watch out for the results at the end of the week after the photoshoot with the models.
Laura’s already an expert with her own makeup, look how fab she looks in this photo her sister Sarah took of her last weekend. In this photo Laura used Red Hot together with a lip gloss and on her eyes she used a cream shadow Mars. What I think the chiquest was the eyebrows, I was very impressed with those. She covered the ends with eyebrow wax and strengthened the beginning with Blondi eyebrow pencil. She also mixed the white base with her regular base (see the post below).

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