A Conversation about haircolor

There are many questions that I have always wanted to ask my hairstylist but have not been able to when I am at the hair salon so I have invited my stylist Almog to my place to have this conversation. Almog  used to do my hair and I realized how much difficulty I have actualy talking with him. Like many women  expressing myself as far as my  hair goes is not easy, especially after a certain age. We either have been with a stylist who sees us in one light and is terrified of offending us  or we are terrified of offending them. Going to see a new hairstylist is like committing adultery, infact worse, as it is more obvious that we have been unfaithful. I  tend to go on the missing list and try to figure some things out on my own which I have done this past year. Experimenting with Organic color at the request of my daughter and ending up using a combination of three colors from Herbatint after experimenting with each one individually. Now I am enlisting the help of Almog who has done such a great job on my hair in the past. I want his opinion ( which I respect very much) on the colors I have chosen and his help doing this in a more flattering way so that I can incorporate my grey without actually going grey which I do not want to do. The results of this conversation are not a miraculous change. That is not what I wanted. The resulting   brightness and mix of the colors has made me very happy but the distribution  of my  grey is not yet where I would like it to be with these results, so Almog and I will follow up on this conversation with a much shorter dialogue speaking about the experience and what we have both learnt and how we are going to perfect this growing in of some of the grey and how I can upkeep my hair so that I only need see him every 2 or 3 months.

Much Love to you all, Linda

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2 Responses to A Conversation about haircolor

  1. MARITA SCHAUB says:

    This collaboration is wonderful to watch… I love the

  2. Linda Mason says:

    Thankyou Marita. Everyone was telling me to cut this down to 3mins and it wasn’t working so I just decided to put it all up as it was. xxxx

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