“Doing our thing” Do we ever stop being Intimidated?



As most of you know there was a time when I did makeup everyday, all day. Some very creative jobs, others not so interesting creatively but interesting in other ways, the team of people working on them, maybe the dynamics of the team and/or the product or people we had to sell. Just figuring out the simple makeup needed to contribute to complete the picture and realizing how this seemingly small detail could be so important and add to the success of the image. Everyday was different and an opportunity to learn something new and luckily enjoy my work and meet wonderful people. Sometimes it was much later that I learnt from these photoshoots, all of a sudden the light bulb went on and I realized, “Oh that’s what it was about” but most often it was gradual and a building process.

I was recently given the opportunity by  @macpro to use my makeup talents and enjoy another wonderful experience. Working with Maripol @maripolarama on her shoot for Macpro. Initialy it was rather daunting as we were a group of makeup artist “doing our thing” so to speak and to be next to these excellent artists who were my piers (not in age, but in talent) and who I grew to admire was a little intimidating. We usualy don’t work together in a group like that. Each one had such a different approach but because of the atmosphere that Christian Mitchel De Beaupre the Artistic Director of Macpro and Maripol the Artist/photographer created we all without exception relaxed, created and enjoyed. You will see this from the results which you should search out #macproxmaripol. @macpro @maripolarama @lindamasonnyc. This day will certainly remain one of my most memorable. Here are some photos I took of the model Kalyn @kalynjoy while I was preparing her for Maripol  before she steps infront of Maripol’s camera. The great hair was by @bok_hee

I knew that Maripol was very talented and reknowned especialy for the work she did for Madonna, but it is only really through working with someone that you get a true appreciation for their generosity, knowledge and talent. Thankyou Maripol.

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