My New Makeup DVD is Officially Here! ~Glorious Technicolor~

For makeup artists or just those with an interest in fashion and art. Learn behind-the-scenes techniques, with beautiful footage cut together with photographic stills. This DVD can be appreciated alone for its captivating images; like a magazine editorial put to life or studied by a makeup artist (or enthusiast) in order to replicate certain techniques or to inspire new ideas. Let this DVD take your makeup to the next level of creativity, beauty and imagination. Watch as each look goes from subtle (suitable for every day), to inspired, to painted for a photoshoot. Each look includes commentary by Linda Mason explaining her thinking behind the look, the key products she used, and the key techniques she utilized.

Buy Here: Order “Glorious Technicolor” Makeup DVD (4/1) $29.99

This link to purchase can be found on the homepage of our website

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