The Teyvah

A couple of Blogs ago I wrote about Levi Okunov a good friend and fabulously talented designer. Here are more of his clothes on Marisol and Alena who wore them when modeling for my book EyeCandy so I guess they were from his Spring Summer collection of 2007 as Eyecandy was published in 2008. It takes a year from when I hand the photos in till the book appears in the bookstores. This Blog is not really about the book though, it is about the “Benefit” that I went to last night. You may be asking yourselves where is Levi Okunov if he is as talented as you say? We should be hearing more about him in the news? Well for the past few years he has founded “The Teyvah” in Upstate New York a place for mentally challenged youth from the Hasidic community to go to. Last night Rabbi Shmuley gave a very moving and also very funny speech about Levi and the work he has been doing. No wonder Rabbi Shmuley has been elected to office in New Jersey. A speech like that  made even me want to vote for him.
Well Levi is back and shall be designing again, so watch out for him. Here are some more photos, these are from his very last fashion show before his hiatus.

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  1. gabriela garcia says:

    i love this style !

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