A personal statement- Mini Masterpiece

Just the way that a work of art can tie a room together a Mini Masterpiece can complete you.  Purchasing a Mini Masterpiece is like curating your own purse.  Natalie chose one of the first Mini Masterpieces I made, one with a  reshaped mirror. Look how perfectly the compact and colors suit her . The Airliner ( violet) accentuates her beautiful almond shaped eyes and also enhances the color. The delicate rose blush  just gives a gentle hint of color to the cheeks and the yellow gloss and orange lipcolor bring warmth. If you like this color combination then you will love our Sagittarius kit ,which just happens to be Natalies sign. Yesterday we were giving out gloss  for purchases of over $50 so Natalie received an Airgloss. Stay tuned for more about our Summer Saturdays.

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