Angle Brow Brush vs. Eyeliner Brush

I love my dark green eyeliner brush. It has a very small, firm tapered head and I really think that for most women it’s really the best eyeliner brush out there. However, I do like to use my angle brush from time to time to line the eyes with, especially if I’m in a hurry. I place the angle at the outer corner and then draw the line inwards. It doesn’t allow me to get right between the lashes as the smaller brush does, but if someone has thick black lashes that’s not always so necessary.

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2 Responses to Angle Brow Brush vs. Eyeliner Brush

  1. I’ve always used the angle brush. I’ve never thought to use a smaller brush to get in between the lashes. Usually, I use a waterproof pencil liner in-between the lashes. I appreciate all the makeup tips.

    • Linda says:

      Dear Nicholas,
      Thank you for your tip about the waterproof pencil liner in between the lashes. Yes you can work a soft sharpened pencil between the lashes that,s an oppion

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