Teen Makeup Q&A: Suzanne

I hope you all liked last weeks Teen Makeup interview with Aziza, because today we’re featuring Suzanne. Suzanne’s a real renaissance woman (pun definitely intended), with a strong passion for the arts! Having majored in art history and French, she’s no stranger to beauty, and with her experience curating galleries I’m certain you’d agree. We asked her to answer our survey questions, right after I did this gorgeous purple smokey eye on her!

Q: looking back at the beauty tip related questions you answered in the beginning of the book, how has your answer to those questions changed over the years?

A: Having ripened in age over the past decade since this book came out, I now concentrate on looking as realistically young and well-rested as possible when applying makeup. Mascara has definitely remained a must-have for me, but I’ve also started using a brow liner on a regular basis (Linda’s Blondie brow pencil is my favorite, and I’m not just saying that). A well done brow can negate the need for mascara or liner for me, especially with a dark lip and some brown shadow.  I’d say that I use a lot less bright eye color and like a more natural look these days, but if I’m going out at night, I do still love a brightly colored cat-eye liner.

Q: what was your most memorable experience while working on Teen Makeup with Linda?

A: I most vividly remember the day that I came in for my “outrageous” look with one of my favorite old pals, Sarah Y. Linda free-style painted us and applied temporary tattoos – I had a large, angry tiger covering my back that I wish I could pull off in real life. The pictures of us together in front of the old diner on Grand Street across from Linda’s store were deemed too racy for a teen book by the editors, but I love looking back at them occasionally. I also loved being air-brushed to look like a tan surfer girl for my “Sporty” section.

Q: what section of the book is your favorite/most referred back to?

A: Sometimes I like to leaf to the beginning of the Cool section so that I can remind myself that “Being cool means being confident and secure about yourself.” In terms of makeup, I think the classic looks are most attractive to me to apply to my day to day makeup regimen. I also really like the Star Power section, and have always loved how Linda connects your astrological sign to color and makeup.

Q: how would you say your teen makeup experience affected the way you do your makeup today?

A: I think the time Linda did my glamorous look was one of the first times I’d had a cat-eye, which I think works really well with my eye shape and is a go-to when I’m patient enough to do my makeup properly. I’ve pretty much learned everything I know about makeup from spending time in Linda’s shop and watching her give classes over the years, so it’s hard to say what else I took away about makeup at that time.

Q: how would you say your teen makeup experience affected your interest in makeup at the time?

A: I was always pretty interested in makeup, but I definitely became more experimental with it and started diversifying my look. For the majority of high school, I was traipsing around with black-rimmed eyes to compliment my bedazzled and shortly hemmed uniform skirt. I think the experience of doing this book reminded me how creative and fun doing new things with makeup can be, and that being pretty or sexy doesn’t mean having to do your eye-liner like a highway diner waitress.

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