Valentines Day gift ideas!

Happy February, makeup lovers! Is everybody ready for valentines day? If you answered “no”, don’t fret! You might still have time to give your Significant Other the gift of Linda Mason!

-Make this years Valentines gift last with one of our Mini Masterpiece makeup compacts! Available in a wide variety of designs, each hand-made compact is adorned with images of Linda Mason’s original artwork and are carefully decorated and signed by Linda. To top it off, we allow for you to choose each Linda Mason solo color (eyeshadow, lipstick, gloss, or blush) that you want in your Mini Masterpiece, resulting in a one-of-a-kind, unique compact which is tailored to your personality and preferences. Each compact is made to last, and can be easily refilled and reused (ask us about maintaining your mini masterpeice).

-Want to know why our Graffitigel Eye Liners are so perfect for Valentines day? The Gel formulation dries fast and stays in place, (no matter how late you’re up dancing til), they come in a large array of colors, and you can kiss as much as you want without having to worry about ruining your makeup! have a look- we might just have your favorite color!

-If makeup isn’t the way to go for your Valentine, maybe a limited edition, hand printed love-poetry book is! With illustrations by Linda Mason, “Dancing with words” by Gene Washington is a cover-to-cover treasure trove of touchingly romantic poetry, which masterfully describes emotions you never knew could be vocalized. But don’t delay! These Limited-Edition books wont last long.



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