Makeup Brushset

“When I’m on location with my Linda Mason brushes, I get all the attention. Between the other makeup artists swooning over the bristle shape, and the photographers shooting my workstation cluttered with brightly colored brushes. Linda Mason brushes are the star of every show. As I’m sure you could guess, they also dominate my personal makeup kit. The select “mini” sized brushes are perfect for creating or maintaining a photo-ready makeup on the go, regardless of whether I expect to be in front of a camera or not. Linda’s brushes are masterfully shaped, and come in a perfect variety of shapes and textures for all your makeup needs. do yourself a favor, and get yourself the tools the professionals use.” Thalita.

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3 Responses to Makeup Brushset

  1. Nami Hasegawa says:

    Where can I buy these brushes??

  2. Marilyn de León says:

    Where I can buy the brushes?

  3. Linda Mason says:

    Dear Nami and Marilyn,
    You can purchase these brushes Online at the address above or if you are in Japan , New York Makeup Academy has them. Thankyou

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