Makeup Brushes made in the USA

Thank you FMBrush for making such great brushes for me. I’d just like to mention that all my products are made in the USA  this  makes it easy to visit my manufacturers and  is one of the nicest parts of having a cosmetic company. It is such a pleasure to visit the factory and everyone is so helpful and kind. It is pretty amazing when you see how much work goes into the details  of each brush, the women making them are very talented. I have been manufacturing with FMBrush for many years now as I have a very good Japanese client who orders regularly. The orange brush you see is a slightly wider squarer version of the pink lip brush next to it. I use this for a lip brush on fuller lips but made it for my Japanese students to use as a concealer brush. Their under eye area is not as deep as that of the Caucasian and needs less coverage. The square flat synthetic brush is my concealer brush. To clean my brushes I  massage the hair with soap and water and rinse them well in very hot water, dip the hair in alcohol, rinse again, then press them into shape and leave them to dry naturaly. Never ever rub them on a towel.

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2 Responses to Makeup Brushes made in the USA

  1. Jane says:

    Love these brushes and you guys are so lucky to have such a great quality product manufactured on shore. Unfortunately it’s not the same here in Australia but the small makeup manufacturers are starting to claw back to popularity.

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