La Danseuse Du Japon

People  ask about the person in each painting and each one has a story behind it of a person who has inspired me. Therefore each Mini Masterpiece which is a hand decorated replica of the painting has that same story. So it is not just a makeup compact a customer is buying but a story too. This one is of a  model living in Japan working as a dancer I painted her while she was dancing Onstage she had a strong outgoing personality yet was well grounded. Her character inspired me to paint  in Fiery tones of oranges and pinks then to ground her with earthy green and brown. There are multiple things you can do with the brick& hot pink lip colors inside the compact. The obvious is to wear them separately depending on your mood. More conservative use the brick, more flirtatious use the hot pink, if you mix them together you will get a very pretty  coral. Outline the lips with the brick and fill in with the hot pink for a cool yet voluptuous effect and apply a dot of the brick to the center of the lips over the Hot Pink to appeal to fashionable vampires.

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