My Love of Makeup will not go away!

I guess that you check into my blog to hear about makeup and see if you can learn something new. The thing is this past year I have spent a lot of my time doing my Art and working on a variety of different projects  incubating for many years as well as being a Grandmother.  I thought that I needed to abandon the makeup to be able to move on but have discovered that it is such a part of me that I am still passionate about that I don’t want to abandon it, so I will be searching for different ways of integrating it into the other things I will be doing. I am so thankful for being a makeup lover and enjoy “putting my face on” and looking at the most amazing women who continue to brighten up the World with their great makeup. Above is a painting I did of Kryolan Aquacolors pallettes. This is the same makeup I use for my Freestyle makeup . The majority of you will not be using this type of makeup but I hope that the colors inspire you in your everyday makeup. It’s a  classical combination but one that always works!
Talk to you soon….Linda

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