Matchmaster. Just over a year!

How time flies! This is an apology to all of those clients who have stopped by The Art of Beauty by Linda Mason on Grand street here in the city only to find us replaced by a shoe shop (the Gallery)  and a shirt shop (the workshop) I could have notified  you but what to say?I loved my time on Grand street and really enjoyed all of your visits but it was time to move on. We have still kept our phone number so you can order over the phone or through our site We no longer have our liquid base as to make it in small quantities as I used to do is no longer possible. I am recommending Matchmaster MAC foundation to my clients .. It is not exactly the same but I discovered it when I did the MAC seminar in June and love it. It has more coverage than my liquid base but goes on just as smoothly and lightly and a little goes a long way.

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