Moving on

Lacking a couple of important paint colors I headed over to Blick to buy them only to find it closed because of the anticipated snow storm. So instead of painting I ended up on the computer updating a site that not many of you know . In the process of looking I came across photos from the last Artshow/Cosmetic event at “The Art of Beauty by Linda Mason”. Life has been a  whirlwind since closing so I didn’t have much time to recap everything. This is not a nostalgic trip down memory lane just a belated thank you to my assistant Thalita and Interns Gaby and Lynley. I was so very very fortunate to have Thalita (on the right),  with me for so many years not only was she one of the most thoughtful and kind people I have ever met she was also one of the most talented and generous. She never ceased to amaze me with her depth of understanding and knowledge. She started working with me when she was 14 and has moved on at the ripe old age of 21.  Gaby (in the middle) also started pretty young interning with me, and is now studying business and fashion, working and doing freelance makeup work. She is also very talented and made these dresses with material I had silk screened with my astrological images (notice the sketches, Lynley and Gaby are in Gemini dresses and Thalita is in Aquarius). Lynley on the left came from the South to Intern with us our last summer. I must say she was a “God send” , her amazing enthusiasm and Joy at life lifted us up during what could have been a rather sad time. The laughter and fun she brought was matched by her incredible work ethic and thirst to learn.  I have been blessed with wonderful interns and assistants so shall mention the others from time to time.

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  1. Wonderful update. Thanks Linda.