Wishing you All Love,Joy,Health and Prosperity in 2015

HomeFresque_6207Happy New Year to you all. I spent the best New Years Eve ever, with my Grandson 2 1/2 . Now I’m beginning 2015 rearranging my environment and my life and painting (painting paintings, not my apartment, although that is on my to do list for this year). It is snowing outside so this is a great time for reminiscing. I love blending the old with the new and surrounding myself with things that have a life and memories . So I will tell you a little about the life and memories of these objects in the photo. Lets begin with the Ox. I purchased this Amber Ox in the late 60’s in Beirut as a gift for my parents and now it  has come back to me. This was one of the first times I had enough money to make a beautiful purchase . So this not only brings back memories of my friends in Beirut but also of my family. The Art Nouveau porcelain statue behind was a purchase to myself from the French Flea Market in the 70’s. I used to spend every Saturday there having lunch with friends and sometimes even the Sunday. Here, I am  flooded with memories of the fun times and great learning experiences with friends at the flea market.
When setting up the shop I had friends come over and help paint the colors around the walls, a large old mirror was broken . The breaker was devastated, but I was ecstatic. The pieces of glass were beautiful and inspired  the first pieces of  “Reshaped Reflections” the first Art Show at  The Art of Beauty by Linda Mason”. 1999.

Linda  …Maybe I’ll talk about makeup next time!

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