The countdown has started

AquaPotPieSmall “A Day at The Beach ” is debuting at The National Glass Centre Museum in Sunderland Saturday 11th July and I will be there and hope all who can will be there too from 2 to 4pm. However the show will continue through October 4th so if you can’t make it this Saturday then try to visit sometime this summer. There is not just lots to see here but there is also lots to do, with fabulous classes and demonstrations by some great artists. I’ve spoken in other blogs about my inspiration for the Installation coming from a day spent at the beach with the children from my old Junior School, Fulwell Juniors but there are many other aspects of the preparation of this show have been equally inspiring. The quality of the artists who work here at NGC and who have helped with many parts of the show is first class, there are too many to talk about in this one blog so let me just mention James Maskrey…/mrjamesmaskrey/  James is an expert in Glass blowing and he has blown all the Pot Pies inspired by the Sand Castle building and other pieces that were best blown rather than cast or cut.



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