A Day at The Beach, Art Installation,The National Glass Centre, Sunderland, UK

It really is great to have a show that is up for a few months, giving friends time to visit and me to get the word out. As you can see from previous Blogs, I started work on “A Day at the Beach” a year ago. It didn’t travel in a straight line, infact there were times when I thought I had really veered totally off track but once the show was up I realized that I had managed to stay pretty close to my vision, incorporate most of my desires and the plus was being imposed things that I learnt from and that improved the final work immensely.  After working these past two years in such a small space in NYC it was a pleasure to be able to spread out in such a wonderful incredibley well lit location. This photo was taken from a balcony in the space I worked in. Normaly behind the scenes at The National Glass centre is a hive of students from the University who use the space for Art and Glass and there were some very interesting artists still working on their thesis or on residencies but my preparation time from June 6th till July 11th was a winding down time so there was plenty of room for me to set up things as they would be in the final exhibit.
Initialy I was very comfortable with handling the large pieces of glass I was working on but after a couple of mishaps lost my bravo. I then listened more carefully to the great advice I was given by the experts there and eventualy felt much more comfortable again. More important than any of this was the amazing people I worked and became friends with. My next blog will be devoted to them.

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