Shooting Photos for the Makeup Artist’s Portfolio

Sadaf_144_1365 Sadaf_144_2061 Dahlia_144_1220dahlia_144_2015Just before I left for vacation at the beginning of July I finished another truly wonderful class  for The New York Makeup Academy of Japan. We were  fortunate to have the use of the  classroom at Temptu which gave us the opportunity to play with their great products. We especially enjoyed working with  Temptu air with pod’s available in many shades including ones I tend to use often and have difficulty finding. Such as 01, a pale ivory, and good shades with yellow undertones, there is also a white with which I was able to make 01 even lighter. Bravo to all of the students, they were focused and talented,  their work at the final photoshoot was excellent.  These shown are the results of two of the students work. The instructions   for their first photos of Sadaf and Dahlia were “fresh and natural” . I was very happy with the results and how well they had understood what I wanted. Although I did discover that an excellent student who had trained with me a few years ago was now their instructor in Japan! The second photos are their more creative work. Hair by Almog. Makeup on Dahlia by Yurika and on Sadaf by Haruna

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