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I enjoy teaching makeup and also taking the photos at the end of the classes as this enables me to see the progression and development of each artists individual style. IBF, NYMA of Japan have been a faithful client  for 15 yrs and each year is so very different and always lots of fun. We laugh now when we remember Hurricane Sandy and how we had to work in the dark and cold and the artists had no hot water for a shower. For the students it was not easy, for me it worked out fine, I am rather a fan of the unexpected and love to work in daylight. This is something I learned working on location on photoshoots, we had to adapt to lots of different situations as we had to come back with the photos. My beautiful nieces were visiting and were stuck in a hotel near the Art of Beauty vanessa_144_2518 so they modeled for us everyday with other young women from the neighborhood. The  interesting thing about the class that year was the fact that we had two students who were spoilt brats. This was very odd as always the Japanese students are truly wonderful, attentive , involved  enthusiastic and every other flattering adjective I can think of. They were meant to be here at that time for a life’s lesson and I hope that looking back they have come  to appreciate  it. Thinking about myself at their age (they were the youngest of the group) maybe I would have reacted as they did..maybe…maybe not. I shall never know.

These two photos of  the model Vanessa from Click agency were taken during the last class held at Temptu Studio’s . Her natural makeup and her more creative one. The hair is by Almog. Makeup by Atsuko.

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  1. Linda Victor says:

    Linda, Where are you now?? I miss your gallery there eas something I looked foward to when I came downtown Its good to see that your still doing makeup just if not better than before. Please let me know if u relocated or have another gallery/studio. Or are just doing your work from here. Thanks Linda Victor

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