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I love the twists and turns of life and was impatient  when I was younger but have fortunately learned patience (proof that its never too late for anything) and to aknowledge that there is a time for everything. This Youtube video that a friend  Eddie Teboul made is proof of that
Eddie Teboul is  a very talented hairstylist whom I happened to know when he first started out in Paris  in the 80’s when  we worked together on the fashion shows of Rei Kawakubo (Comme Des Garcons) and Yojhi Yamamoto.  About  5 years ago  Eddie explained to me his passion for Yoga and how he had become a yoga teacher, he told me  about a beautiful dream he had of me painting him. I wanted to make this dream come alive so we arranged for him to come over to my studio at The Art of Beauty on Grand Street , where I was at the time, and spend a couple of hours together.

The  room was sparse and white there was  just a couple of my paintings. Eddie set up his Iphone camera on the floor. “Et voila” fast forward to today and this beautiful video he has made of our work together. The film has been made with such sensitivity I highly recommend it for not just yoga and makeup lovers but anyone interested in special moments. He commentates over the video and it was  touching to hear him talk about my method of painting as I  feel it is quite magical  but have difficulty decribing it myself. I just know that for each person I paint it is a very different individual experience. Thankyou Eddie for capturing this

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  1. Eddie Teboul says:

    You’re welcome Linda and Thanks to you for those words I only reads years afterwards, bringing me to a moment we could have easily missed.
    Eddie Teboul (spring 2023, Nyc)

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