Pat Cleveland on the Streets of Williamsburgh




Thefirststrokethirdstrokefourth stroke GrandsonI think often about the past but not with sadness or regrets, just enjoying and reliving every fabulous moment in my memory. So how wonderful to be able to actualy relive in 2017 a moment from the 80’s thanks to Apple and an old friend Mark Bozek. Mark  called me and explained to me about this fabulous movie he had been able to make about Bill Cunningham  with old footage he had taken a few years before Bill’s passing and how there were to be some fun promotional events in the Apple Stores and would I come as my “old partners in crime”  Max Vadukul and Wendy Goodman would be participating along with the one and only Pat Cleveland . He  used Pat’s song “Tonight Josephine” as the music for “The Times of Bill”. I went along to the event and took a few colors and brushes and we were able to recreate a blast to the past on the streets of Williamsburgh. It was as much fun as ever with the same energy  from all the photos you can probably see on Instagram. My daughter documented the part I played. Here are the photos by Daisy Mason.
1. Going in for the Kill.
2.The colors I have decided to use .
3. Pink
4. Green
5. Pale yellow.
6. Another green stroke with Max documenting.
7. Packing up with my grandson watching.

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  1. Lena says:

    Hello , I’m french , and i love what you do as a makeup artist. I know a talented french women makeup artist who love this kind of makeup, if you want to take a look.
    I will continu to follow you, thank you for your work 🙂

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