RosepicofmeSmallWhen I closed my Soho Boutique/Workshop in 2013. I thought for a moment that I would discontinue my makeup line and focus on my Art. Some wonderful art projects followed with hopefully many more ideas to be realized in the future. However I felt a pang when my makeup clients were begging me for a makeup product of mine they could not replace and I took some of them shopping to try to find replacements.  I swore that I would never go back into the business without financing and a great team working alongside!
Never say never, thanks to a great friend Kevin who helped with my Website www.beautyartmakeup.com. now exists making it much easier for customers old and new to make purchases. I discovered a limited supply of my signature metal compacts and  many of you really missed my concealers which are on the new site and also the hand made “OOM” compact with transluscent powder. Maybe those foundations you miss so much won’t take too long to materialize.

Thankyouto the Infamous Rose Hartman for this fabulous photo you shot of me over drinks during the summer.




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  1. Daniela says:

    Honestly, you are so inspiring!! I’m an Argentinian MUA, seeking ideas for customized cosmetic and LOVE your products <3 Just thanks!

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