Linda144_3543As a child I  would put my head under the sheets on my bed  and know that I was totally protected from everything around me. I still do the same thing metaphorically I  cover myself up with an imaginary sheet to protect myself . When the energy of the world is bubbling up around me causing me pain I turn the switch off and the sheet comes over me.   Ageism  has always existed so the sheet has been over my head about it otherwise I would think,  “what’s the point ” and stop creating  and coming up with ideas that I want to realize. What is happening  now is pretty amazing, there are young women in their 40’s and 50’s actively getting out there and fighting it. I am glad they are doing it at their age as if they waited till my  age they would be having too much fun flirting, retrograding back to their  crazy teens and not wanting to waste a minute on fighting ageism as those minutes are too precious and besides all the projects I want to accomplish, I have a grandson who needs me. So all I can say to them is Thankyou,  The Silverwoman, Goldie Magazine and the fabulous fun and witty Paulina Porizkova. Wait a minute I need to talk a little about makeup . All I can say is that it is essential to my well being and makes me feel fab so if you have never worn it you are truly missing out. Makeup is the reason that I didn’t do a photograph of myself with a sheet over my head.
Photo of me by Dave The Worm Guy. Cover photo of Paulina, Jacques Malignon


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