Childrens Portraits.. Precious Moments

triplets144_9493The night  before the lockdown in March I was fortunate enough to finish these wonderful portraits of three beautiful children with very different personalities and appearances. I love painting children and felt  blessed to have this boost to keep me going through these past few months. Portraits add beauty and warmth to a home and capture a child in a more timeless way than a photograph. All the elements add up. Rather like in makeup I first chose the tone of the skin, going lighter as I can always deepen the shade. Once I have given a shape with the foundation then it varies. Sometimes I immediately put in the background color. Other times I start doing the features sometimes the hair sometimes an outline with my favourite shade, Bronze yellow. Since I first began portraits this is a color that  almost always turns up.

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  1. DANA KURZWEIL says:

    Are you still doing chidrens portraits?

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