Childrens Portraits.. Precious Moments

triplets144_9493The night  before the lockdown in March I was fortunate enough to finish these wonderful portraits of three beautiful children with very different personalities and appearances. I love painting children and felt  blessed to have this boost to keep me going through these past few months. Portraits add beauty and warmth to a home and capture a child in a more timeless way than a photograph. All the elements add up. Rather like in makeup I first chose the tone of the skin, going lighter as I can always deepen the shade. Once I have given a shape with the foundation then it varies. Sometimes I immediately put in the background color. Other times I start doing the features sometimes the hair sometimes an outline with my favourite shade, Bronze yellow. Since I first began portraits this is a color that  almost always turns up.

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Linda144_3543As a child I  would put my head under the sheets on my bed  and know that I was totally protected from everything around me. I still do the same thing metaphorically I  cover myself up with an imaginary sheet to protect myself . When the energy of the world is bubbling up around me causing me pain I turn the switch off and the sheet comes over me.   Ageism  has always existed so the sheet has been over my head about it otherwise I would think,  “what’s the point ” and stop creating  and coming up with ideas that I want to realize. What is happening  now is pretty amazing, there are young women in their 40’s and 50’s actively getting out there and fighting it. I am glad they are doing it at their age as if they waited till my  age they would be having too much fun flirting, retrograding back to their  crazy teens and not wanting to waste a minute on fighting ageism as those minutes are too precious and besides all the projects I want to accomplish, I have a grandson who needs me. So all I can say to them is Thankyou,  The Silverwoman, Goldie Magazine and the fabulous fun and witty Paulina Porizkova. Wait a minute I need to talk a little about makeup . All I can say is that it is essential to my well being and makes me feel fab so if you have never worn it you are truly missing out. Makeup is the reason that I didn’t do a photograph of myself with a sheet over my head.
Photo of me by Dave The Worm Guy. Cover photo of Paulina, Jacques Malignon


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An Updated Classic Makeup

144_annalise_7565The makeup artist Rena Kudo from the New York Makeup Academy of Japan completed her classes  with me with this Classic mat brown eye makeup on  Anelisa , updating and giving it a twist with these wonderful false lashes which look like overdone extensions.. The classes  were held at BBFL Brooklyn Beauty and Fashion Labo 300 7th street in Brooklyn.

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Creative Beauty

144_isabelle_7444The makeup artist Rena Fukushima from the New York Makeup Academy of Japan completed her classes  with me with  beautiful makeup on  another wonderful model
from State Model Management, Isabella Bucci .

144_isabelle_7534 144_isabella_6453 Isabella  looks so very different with her natural makeup. I was very impressed with how Rena created a stronger makeup which  accentuated Isabella’s unique beauty yet still making her look very different.  The classes  were held at BBFL Brooklyn Beauty and Fashion Labo 300 7th street in Brooklyn.

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A New Model with a Great Face

144_emma_7088 The makeup artist Mariko Iino from the New York Makeup Academy of Japan completed her classes  with me with these two beautiful makeups on  Emma Scales a new model with144_emma_7733 State Model Management. The classes  were held at BBFL Brooklyn Beauty and Fashion Labo 300 7th street in Brooklyn.

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Makeup Classes 2019


The makeup artist Hinako Nogami from the New York Makeup Academy of Japan completed her classes  with me with this beautiful makeup on  Ashley Vernet of State Model Management. The classes  were held at BBFL Brooklyn Beauty and Fashion Labo 300 7th street in Brooklyn. I will be back at BBFL this coming Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th from 1pm to 4.30pm. From 3 to 3.30pm on the Saturday I will be talking about Makeup for photography and giving tips to the audience.

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Lend Us Your Face (if you are in NY the 23rd,24, or 25th of June)


Volunteers needed! The New York Makeup Academy of Japan has been bringing students to take a class with me since 2002 and they are bringing once again 6 students to take my advanced makeup course from the 23rd to the 25th of June. Volunteer for either a demonstration by me, or a makeup by one of the Artists from Japan. It is always a great learning experience for the models as well as the artists, so come enjoy yourself and try something new.

Sunday 23rd is a fun day. Take a demonstration slot and I will take you back to the 20’s, 50’s. 60’s or even the 70’s or 80’s depending on where your face inspires me to go. This day when the students do your makeup I let them be a creative , although the makeup is mostly fairly conservative with some really beautiful touches like the petals on Orianne the very pretty young woman in the pink dress. I do this to discover their creativity but we do match you up with a makeup that will work on you. If you chose Sunday make sure you plan to see friends afterwards or even bring your friends.

A slot on Monday 24th morning is for the more classic makeup lover who wants to learn about chosing foundation and to try out a smokey eye the focus is on foundation choice and on very beautiful eye makeup. You can learn alot sitting in my chair at 9am or 10am or in that of one of the artists at 11.30am.

To discover how you will look with contouring, blush and a variety of different lip colors take a slot in Monday afternoon as those are the focus of that class. Either at 2.30pm or 3.30pm with me or 4.30pm with one of the Artists.

Tuesday 25th morning is the editorial and wedding class combined. So if you would like to get tips on the best wedding makeup for yourself or how to do your makeup for magazine shoots. Then sit in my chair at 9am or 10am although beware as you may get painted with my Freestyle method in the last 15mins if I feel the Artists are advanced enough or I just get bored and want some fun. If you are not an early bird then write your name down for a slot at 11.30 to be beautified by one of the Japanese makeup artists.

This year we are holding the classes in a great place in Brooklyn . Brooklyn Beauty and Fashion Labo (BBFL) 300 7th street. easy to get to on the F or the R train.
If you are interested email me at and I will reserve a slot for you. The top photo is of a volunteer for the Monday afternoon class together with her makeup artist. The pretty girl in pink came on a Sunday.

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He Walks Among Us Still

deteriorationprocessIt is so much fun documenting my poster and its deterioration. 2 weeks now! This is just the beginning of an Art project I am working on. “He Walks among us Still” an exciting project incorporating  many aspects of my life, especially my friends. It is giving me the opportunity to grow, express myself through the creation of something with many phases and facets and most importantly achieving its goal, to make people reflect on Christ and the Christian Religion. I  enjoy doing many things so how do I make choices.  After being informed that no grant or show for a project about religion would ever materialize. I decided to take things into my own hands and join  the street artists that had so inspired me when I first arrived here in the 80’s. This is just the beginning…. to be contd.

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Medieval Makeup

daisyblacksmall_3481When giving a seminar
I think of a trend that I can use as inspiration.  So for my Cuore seminar this week. I  first did a very natural makeup airbrushing on a mix of Temptu pink and orange to make the coral which is predicted to be THE color for 2019. I quickly progressed to my Freestyle makeup. I had painted this silk during the summer so I  draped it around Daisy to create a medieval feel with a   modern twist.



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Flattering Highlighting shadows for older women

lightmatshadowsHow do you chose a product or color there are so many variants? Light beige, browns,  different textures, different shades. Mat, semi pearl, pearl. How do you chose? I am breaking it down into mini lessons.  LESSON No 1 Mat Shadow Highlighters:-

These very light mat shades  are flattering highlighters for older women ( not that we can’t use shine, but that is for another lesson). My favorite of the moment is the one that is  used, its not yet up on I think I shall call it “Reveal” so look out for it in the coming week. It is silky and although very lightweight it cancels out any redness on the lid without using concealer and  brightens naturally the inner corners of the eyes.The one next to it with a pinkish hue  I like to use  as a highlighter on women with a more yellow skin tone as the contrast can brighten the eyes imperceptibly. I haven’t yet used the beige one on the lower left I somehow see it on a brunette or darker skin tone to give a natural highlight. The white next to it is also lightweight but harder and more difficult to apply ,  it needs a firmer brush something like the mini shadow brush. Its great worn with the cooler grey shadows. At the top is Ivory a long time favorite to highlight the eye, its good for women wanting something extremely delicate, that one too is a firmer shadow and needs a firmer brush to be able to get any product onto the eye. If for some reason you are having trouble getting the shadow onto the brush you may need to scratch the top of the shadow with a pin or your nail. Make sure that you never use your finger tips on the shadow the oil from the fingers creates a film making it harder for you to get any color.





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