Baby Face

IMG_2778When I closed The Art of Beauty in 2013 I packed away products and I have been slowely discovering them again . I have 7 or 8 different combinations of lips and eyes (1 gloss, 1 lipcolor and 1 eyeshadow) in this package (a small CD case) so I am offering them as a gift with purchase until the supplies run out. So rush to and order product $39 or over and you will receive one of these.
When I first did this drawing of Daisy for the packaging I could tell everyone thought I was crazy. A baby with her thumb in her mouth to sell color! I just thought she was so cute and epitomized everything I loved, especially the spirit of experimentation which I think is what makes makeup so appealing.

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@macpro @maripolara Photoshoot. Preparing Daisy


Curated like a great Artshow where each piece reenforces the other one.  Maripol and Mac Pro’s vision of my work together with that of 7 other makeup artists was refreshing and different and I absolutely loved the  mix of the short movie together with Maripols polaroids and each artists work shown. Check it out on Instagram @macpro  @maripolarama Hair by @bok_hee. I have made up my favourite Muse, my daughter Daisy,  many many times but each time is different.  “What will these photographs turn out to be like?” “Will Maripol be inspired by Daisy and this makeup?” Not to worry !



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“Doing our thing” Do we ever stop being Intimidated?



As most of you know there was a time when I did makeup everyday, all day. Some very creative jobs, others not so interesting creatively but interesting in other ways, the team of people working on them, maybe the dynamics of the team and/or the product or people we had to sell. Just figuring out the simple makeup needed to contribute to complete the picture and realizing how this seemingly small detail could be so important and add to the success of the image. Everyday was different and an opportunity to learn something new and luckily enjoy my work and meet wonderful people. Sometimes it was much later that I learnt from these photoshoots, all of a sudden the light bulb went on and I realized, “Oh that’s what it was about” but most often it was gradual and a building process.

I was recently given the opportunity by  @macpro to use my makeup talents and enjoy another wonderful experience. Working with Maripol @maripolarama on her shoot for Macpro. Initialy it was rather daunting as we were a group of makeup artist “doing our thing” so to speak and to be next to these excellent artists who were my piers (not in age, but in talent) and who I grew to admire was a little intimidating. We usualy don’t work together in a group like that. Each one had such a different approach but because of the atmosphere that Christian Mitchel De Beaupre the Artistic Director of Macpro and Maripol the Artist/photographer created we all without exception relaxed, created and enjoyed. You will see this from the results which you should search out #macproxmaripol. @macpro @maripolarama @lindamasonnyc. This day will certainly remain one of my most memorable. Here are some photos I took of the model Kalyn @kalynjoy while I was preparing her for Maripol  before she steps infront of Maripol’s camera. The great hair was by @bok_hee

I knew that Maripol was very talented and reknowned especialy for the work she did for Madonna, but it is only really through working with someone that you get a true appreciation for their generosity, knowledge and talent. Thankyou Maripol.

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Tatiana of Clic Models, Makeup by Asuka Nakashima

Tatianaforblog_9869tatianasmall_0755 tatiana_0536smalltatianasmall_1089The naturaly beautiful Tatiana was totaly transformed by the stronger  makeup NYMA student Asuka did and the Hair Masterpiece by Cynthia from John Sahag salon.

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Liz from Click Model Management. artist Fujiko Kondo.


Fujiko Kondo the makeup artist on these photos was incredibley talented, able to chose colors for their fashion impact as well as create intricate  artistic designs on one of our favourites Liz of Click Models.

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Model Anelisa, makeup artist Harumi Honda




All of the students who take my classes have very interesting stories and very different reasons for taking the class. Harumi Honda in this photo is 4th generation of a family of Barbers in Japan.  Harumi is definitely making a difference with the addition of makeup and visiting New York to further her studies. We were very lucky to have the beautiful and gracious Anelisa as a model for two of the artists at this session and both did very different makeup.

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Stillness and Presence. My Muse Sarah


Most of you know my daughter Daisy as my first Muse,  but I also have others who have helped me out over the years and have become Muses. Many are Daisy’s friends  others daughters of friends who I have known since they were babies and others friends of friends  looking to  have photos taken or just help out. They usualy end up with a collection of very different photos over the years. Sarah has a stillness inside of her that makes it easy to be creative on her. Stillness does not mean asleep. She is always very present which is important for a good model. This was a demonstration I did on her in June for the New York Makeup Academy of Japan. Check out where I have another article on her with more photos  .

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Rose From Click Model Management, Artist Satoe Honjo

Rose_0625smallroseSatoeHonjo_1520rose_0781smallrose_1543smallSatoe did an amazing job on Rose from Click. I was so impressed with her foundation choice and also the choice of blue for the strong lip makeup. It is these seemingly simple things that can make or break a photo. Roses  strong presence, her focus, her patience  and very special beauty made these photos some of my favorite.

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NYMA makeup classes 2018-Chie Takeyama

katka_1015smallWhen working with the NYMA artists on their final shoot I often have to delve into my closets to find things I don’t often wear but love and have saved, This coat is from 1982 by Anthony Villareal, a designer  who was showing in Paris at the time but is now living in California. Chie did a very  pretty makeup on Katka from Click Model Management and Cynthia from John Sahag did the hair crimping it, a retro look from the 70’s. There were marks on the coat from my wild younger days, spilt wine.  I painted and screened them over incorporating them into the look of the coat, now I shall start wearing it again.

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NYMA makeup classes 2018-Shizuka Ito

annalise_0298small annalise_0404small annalise_0861smallI thoroughly enjoyed myself as did the six New York Makeup Academy students who took classes with me this year  at the end of June. I was very fortunate,  Nino Vendome my Landlord from when I had the Art of Beauty had a great space empty on Grand street which he allowed me to use. annaliseshizukaItoSmall_0268For the day of the photoshoot, Shizuka Ito was the makeup artist of Anelisa. Cynthia from John Sahag the hairstylist. I have worked with Cynthia for many many years. You also see Gaby my assistant in the ambiance photo. I have the artist start with a natural glowing makeup…add lipstick then do whatever they would like creatively.

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