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Stillness and Presence. My Muse Sarah

Most of you know my daughter Daisy as my first Muse,  but I also have others who have helped me out over the years and have become Muses. Many are Daisy’s friends  others daughters of friends who I have known since they were babies … Continue reading

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Rose From Click Model Management, Artist Satoe Honjo

Satoe did an amazing job on Rose from Click. I was so impressed with her foundation choice and also the choice of blue for the strong lip makeup. It is these seemingly simple things that can make or break a photo. Roses  strong presence, … Continue reading

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NYMA makeup classes 2018-Chie Takeyama

When working with the NYMA artists on their final shoot I often have to delve into my closets to find things I don’t often wear but love and have saved, This coat is from 1982 by Anthony Villareal, a designer … Continue reading

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NYMA makeup classes 2018-Shizuka Ito

I thoroughly enjoyed myself as did the six New York Makeup Academy students who took classes with me this year  at the end of June. I was very fortunate,  Nino Vendome my Landlord from when I had the Art of Beauty had a … Continue reading

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Intensive Two Day Makeup Class

Are they twins? Sisters? They are both Sarah. For this class Karina my student from Centro Khuyana in Chile did Sarah’s makeup on the left hand side then changed it  by darkening and enlarging the lips slightly and changing the lashes.  She  removed … Continue reading

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A Conversation about haircolor

There are many questions that I have always wanted to ask my hairstylist but have not been able to when I am at the hair salon so I have invited my stylist Almog to my place to have this conversation. … Continue reading

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Happy New Year 2018

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Pat Cleveland on the Streets of Williamsburgh

I think often about the past but not with sadness or regrets, just enjoying and reliving every fabulous moment in my memory. So how wonderful to be able to actualy relive in 2017 a moment from the 80’s thanks to Apple … Continue reading

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Yoga + Body Painting

I love the twists and turns of life and was impatient  when I was younger but have fortunately learned patience (proof that its never too late for anything) and to aknowledge that there is a time for everything. This Youtube video that … Continue reading

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Makeup in a bag

I have been working with The New York Makeup Academy of Japan since 2002. They hold a very special place in my heart and I thoroughly enjoy their visit and working with very different groups of equally talented Japanese makeup … Continue reading

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