Here are the dates and times of the premiering  of my movie “First Base” at the ASVOFF film festival at the  Centre Pompidou for those of you who will be in Paris next week . I think you will enjoy the movie…I hope so and I hope that you have as much fun watching it as I had making it.  I will be at both viewings and would love to see you! 22nd November in Cinema 2 at 8pm and the 23rd  at 8.30pm in The Petite Salle. This is a film I directed  and naturally did the makeup for. I was so lucky to get such great talent and generous team. Dmitry Korikov (Request Models) and Jenna Earle (Next Models). Producer Nicole Devilaine,Director of Photography Mamadou Niang,Hair stylist Ahbi Nishman and my assistant Regina Izacullava.

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